Selling your unwanted, damaged or unusable car can be a challenging task. There was a time when LPG converted cars were in high demand in Sydney as well as across Australia. But the popularity of LPG converted cars has slowly faded over the years, so much so LPG car owners are now finding it difficult to find a good buyer for their vehicle. But not to worry, Sydney Cash for Cars buys LPG converted cars for cash, providing you with a fast, convenient and hassle-free car sale.


It is eco-friendly. When compared to petrol, LPG is much more eco-friendly. It is cheaper than petrol. There’s been an argument that the cost of LPG has gone up over the last few years. While this is true, it’s still cheaper than petrol, making it the most cost-effective fuel option for Australian car owners. It will keep your car’s engine clean. Since LPG burns more cleanly than petrol, your engine will stay clean. This, in turn, could increase the life span of your car’s engine.

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With the decline in popularity of LPG cars, many petrol stations have shut down their LPG bowsers as it simply wasn’t profitable for them. So, finding a station that offers LPG can be a hassle for car owners. If there is a problem with your car, some mechanics might not have the expertise needed to work on an LPG car. So, you will have to find one that’s a specialist when it comes to LPG converted cars.

Your warranty might become invalid if you opt for LPG conversion. Your insurance might not cover for modifications made, which means your LPG conversion might not be covered by insurance. In fact, some insurance providers will dispute any claims made if they find out that you made such big changes to your car.

So, when it comes to an LPG converted car, there are both pros and cons. One thing is for sure, LPG cars are not as popular as they once were. When the Federal Government scrapped the rebates offered for LPG conversion in 2014, there was a steep decline in the number of car owners opting to convert to LPG. And the past few years have not been any different. Without the rebate to offset the high conversion cost, most car owners are choosing to stick to petrol instead of making the shift to LPG.

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