If you ever tried to sell or dispose of an old and unwanted car, you would understand how hard it is to get it done.

A lot of time, effort, money and energy is required to get your unwanted car disposed of.

Rate what buyers quote would have never met your expectation. You would even have to shell good money out of your pocket to pay for the appraisal service, and for the tow truck service, you might require to get your old vehicle to the appraiser.

But what if you can sell your car instantly and easily?

That’s when Cash for Car companies can be of assistance.

We are Sydney Cash For Cars, one of the leading Cash for Cars. We Companies in Sydney help our customers to find an easy and instant solution to get your old and unwanted cars disposed of.

Sell Your Unwanted Cars In Four Easy Steps

Car Removal Service

Sydney Cash For Cars is well-dedicated to providing our customers with solutions for selling unwanted vehicles. We, as a customer-friendly organisation understand the need of customers to sell their unwanted cars to the right buyer at the right price at the right time.

We are your guaranteed vehicle buyers. Our offers are the best in the industry. Now, with Sydney Cash For Cars at your service, you can avail of our Free Car Removal Service in Sydney and dispose of your old and unwanted scrap and damaged vehicles in four easy steps.

  • You can obtain an instant cash offer by contacting us over the phone at 0477 962 919 or mailing us the vehicle details to info@sydneycash4car.com.au or by completing the online forms of “Get A Quote” given on our webpage.


  • After verifying the details you provided, our expert appraisers will provide you with a quote. The quotes we offer are based on the details you provided over the phone or online. Based on the details you have provided, you can get offers as high as $9999.


  • Once you choose to accept our offer, you can schedule a free Car Removal Service. You can choose any date and any time convenient for you to get your car removed. Our auto wreckers work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. So any time and date is the right time to get your Car Removed when you are dealing with us.


  • We understand your difficulties in getting the contracts/paperwork prepared. When we come to collect your vehicle, we will bring all the required documents all ready to be signed. You only have to sign the contracts to make the sale valid. Once the contract is signed, we make the payments without delay.

We take out all the hassles in the sales of your old and unwanted car.

Sydney Cash For Cars – a fully licensed used auto/car trader and wrecker in Sydney. To know more, call us on 0477 962 919.