How much do you think your old car will fetch in the market?

You might be thinking your old unwanted damaged car is worthless, and it is better to get it dumped in some landfills.

You might even be willing to pay to get it towed to a landfill.

But what if you can get top dollar for your old vehicle?

That’s what we offer you at Sydney Cash For Cars.

As one of the leading Cash for Unwanted Cars companies in Sydney, we will buy your vehicle for the best cash offers.

Regardless of the make, model, size, shape and condition, you can get up to $9999.

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Old or damaged, we buy your vehicle

If you are thinking you won’t get anything for your old vehicle, we will happily prove you wrong. Based on the details you provide over the phone or online you can get up to $9999.

Yes!. That’s right.

With us, as your car buyer, you have a chance to get $9999 for the vehicle you thought was useless and worthless.

Accident met, flood-damaged, hail damaged, whatever the reason behind selling your vehicle is not an issue with us. We buy vehicles in every condition including

  • Scrap Cars
  • Wrecked 4×4
  • Used Trucks
  • Broken Motorcycles
  • Damaged Commercial Vehicles
  • Junk Vans
  • Accident Utes

Any make, model, age or condition is worth up to $9999 at Sydney Cash for Cars.

Why you should choose Sydney Cash For Cars

The two main reasons why people choose us to get their car disposed of are

  • Top Cash Offers
  • Excellent services

If you are looking for top cash offers for your old and damaged vehicle, all you need to contact us.
It could be over the phone by ringing us at 0477 962 919 or by sending us an email to

We also provide an option of filling the online forms of “Get A Quote” present on the home page of our website.

Once you have given us the details of your vehicle, our crew will check the details and provide you with an instant offer.


Cash for Unwanted Cars

Just because it is an instant quote, it doesn’t have to be below. Our crew are dedicated professionals who can find the best value for any and all types of vehicles. You can get up to $9999.

We also provide various services like Damaged Car Removals in Sydney and free paperwork/contracts to make the sale process of your vehicle easy and instant.

Call us at 0477 962 919 or email us at and get the best deals for your old unwanted vehicles.

Sydney Cash For Cars – A fully licensed used auto/car trader and Car Wrecker in Sydney.

For more details regarding our services, visit our website or call us 0477 962 919