Are you planning to get your old unwanted car removed?

It is not an easy task, getting an old unwanted car removed. If the vehicle is drivable or fit for the road, then it’s comparatively easy.

But if the car is damaged or unfit for the road, then you might need a professional Car Removal team.

We offer you the best Car Removal Service in Sydney.

We are Sydney Cash For Cars,

We Offer Free Car Removals In Sydney

If you have an unwanted car, it’s always better to sell it and collect cash for it, instead of letting it rot. We at Sydney Cash For Cars are ready to buy all your unwanted vehicles. Regardless of the vehicle’s present condition, we will buy it. Once you contact us to sell your unwanted car, you have got yourself a guaranteed car buyer.

Once we agree on a price, you can schedule a free Car Removal Service in Sydney. Just schedule a time of your convenience and we will be there to collect your vehicle.

We Buy All Vehicles In Every Condition

Car Removal

Brand, make or model are not a factor for us when we buy a vehicle. We buy vehicles in its “As It is condition”

You don’t have to repair or do costly modifications to make your vehicle more attractive and sellable. We are ready to buy it “as it is”.

Just call us at 0477 962 919 and provide us with the vehicle details. You can even use the “ Get A Quote” online forms given on our website.

You can even mail us the details of your vehicle to As soon as we get the details, our expert appraisers will verify these details and will provide you with an instant offer.

As one of the best Cash for Unwanted Car Companies in Sydney, we buy vehicles for their parts. From our experience, we know that vehicles, however old or damaged, will still have good and valuable parts. We buy vehicles not to resell the vehicle but for these parts. We take apart the vehicle piece by piece and salvage all the good parts that can be salvaged.

These parts that are salvaged will be sold to interested customers or to companies who deal in used car parts. The metal in vehicles is also another source of income. Each vehicle will have many metals that we wreck with parts that can’t be reused.

We consider all these when we provide you with a quote. So you can be sure that our quote will always be better than what you expect.


We also provide various guaranteed services like

  • Professional car removals
  • Fast and efficient car removals
  • Car removals that pay up to $9999
  • Licensed auto wreckers and traders
  • 24-hour car removals, any day of the year
  • Accept any make, model, age and condition
  • Remove one car or entire car collection
  • Free no-obligation cash offers
  • Service to all vehicle owners in any part of Sydney

Now you don’t have to look any further for a company to buy your unwanted car. We offer the best rates and services.

To know more, visit our website  or call us at 0477 962 919