Notice Of Car Disposal & Vehicle Cancellation – Here’s Why It’s Important To Do It Right In NSW

Cancelling your Vehicle Registration with the right authority in New South Wales allows you to no longer be held responsible for any reckless use of your former car. It allows them to know that you no longer own the vehicle, so any misuse of it won’t come back to bite you. You can cancel your vehicle registration in NSW by visiting your local Service Centre.

What Forms You Need to Fill Out to Cancel Your Vehicle License in NSW

To cancel your vehicle license, you’ll need to download and fill out a Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration form. When cancelling your license, you can also apply for a vehicle license refund, by filling out the relevant form. If you would like to keep your vehicle license plates, you can have them kept on reserve at the Service Centre at an additional cost.

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What You Need to Bring When Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration

You will have to provide some relevant details as well as bring certain documents to complete your Registration Cancellation.

These include:

  • Your Proof of Identity/Photo ID
  • Your Vehicle License Plates
  • A Police Event Number If Your Vehicle Is Stolen or Lost
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Your Vehicle’s Registration Certificate (If available)

After preparing all the required forms and documentation, you can then visit a Service Centre and complete your Registration Cancellation.

Reasons Why Not Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration Can Put You at Risk

Without cancelling your vehicle license, you can be at risk of be fined or charged by a new operator’s reckless use of your former car.

This can include:

  • Parking Fines
  • Speeding Fines
  • Unlawful Activity
  • Being Involved in an Accident
  • Driving the Car While It’s Official Written-Off or Banned from Use

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