Sydney Cash for Cars services all vehicle owners in Sydney with free car removals. Our car removals pay up to $9999.We are a dedicated company that is committed to the community and our customers. Our goal is to provide the best in auto Wrecking and Trading Services. This is the reason why we employ the most knowledgeable customer service reps, auto appraisers, auto haulers and auto wreckers.

    As a business owner that is concerned with the environment and the community in which we reside and work, our car removals are eco-friendly. It is our dedication to the community that encourages us to practice “green” car disposals. What this refers to is we avoid hazardous landfills that contaminate Mother Earth. Each of our car removal disposals are eco-friendly as we recycle, reuse and resell all parts and metals.

    Our customers are always assured free car removals of any sorts:

    • FREE Old Car Removals Sydney
    • FREE Used Car Removals Sydney
    • FREE Junk Car Removals Sydney
    • FREE Accident Car Removals Sydney
    • FREE Scrap Car Removals Sydney
    • FREE Wrecked Car Removals Sydney
    • FREE Broken Car Removals Sydney
    • FREE Damaged Car Removals Sydney

    Whatever age or condition, make or model, we will remove it for free. We’ll also put up to $9999 cash in your

    Our instant cash for cars system is one that offers ease. Whether you’re the owner of an unwanted car, truck, 4×4, SUV or any other type of motor vehicle, you just request an instant cash offer. Our cash offers come with no commitment to obtain our services. Each of our two methods to obtain an instant cash offer is convenient. Just dial us at 0477 962 919 to receive an instant cash offer. Or, contact us via our “Instant Cash Appraisal” form located on this page. Either means is convenient and only requires a few simple details about your vehicle. Our auto haulers will bring the cash offer with them at the time the car removal Sydney is performed. That’s up to $9999 cash on the spot.

    We are committed in providing our customers with the best services on any type of removal. We accept all makes, including but not limited to:

    • Mazda, Nissan, Rolls Royce, MG, Toyota, Honda
    • Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, Mitsubishi, Suzuki
    • Chevy, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru

    Our car removers provide our customers with free car removals throughout Sydney.

    Our auto wreckers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures easy scheduling that is always convenient. When we provide our customers with a cash offer, we honour the cash offer.

    Our car removers travel in custom vehicles that are equipped to handle all size loads. This allows our customers with entire car collections they’d like hauled away to have their removals performed at once. Our wrecking yards are the best in Sydney with custom equipment and tools. This ensures that our wreckers are able to pull the most value from each car removal/disposal we perform. As a green auto recycler, we avoid the landfills.

    Our instant Cash for Cars system is one that allows us to pay our customers cash on the spot. Although we can provide our customers with other payment options like a cheque in the mail, our standard is cash at the time of the car removal.

    Our customer service reps are always on call to offer assistance. Whether a single vehicle or an entire car collection, we will come to your location with up to $9999 per vehicle. Our auto appraisers only require a few details like the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle and they will then be able to provide you with a free, no obligation cash offer.

    Working 24 hours a day, our car removals are scheduled at times that are convenient for our customers.
    We offer our customers many reasons to choose us:

    • Free car removals
    • 24-hour car removals
    • Service to all suburbs of Sydney
    • Fully licensed auto wrecker and trader
    • Fast and convenient car removals
    • Professional wreckers
    • Remove all size loads
    • Entire car collection? Okay!
    • Free, no obligation cash offers
    • Accept all makes and models, ages and conditions
    • Up to $9999 cash on the spot

    We are a quality car removal company serving Sydney with premium car removals.


    For a fast and friendly Car Removal that pays up to $9999 cash, just give us a call. We are a preferred car removal company, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures our customers convenience. Our car removals are always free, and are performed on any make, model, age and condition of the vehicle. For up to $9999 cash in your pocket as soon as this afternoon, give us a call. We’ll provide you with a cash offer.


    Call us at 0477 962 919